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10 Reasons Why I Love My Nanny

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In honor of National Nanny Recognition Week. I’d like to recognize and honor my son’s nanny Kristina. Or better known in our house as “Tee-Tee”.

  1. Chase LOVES “Tee-Tee!”
  2. She’s always on time.
  3. She doesn’t complain when I’m late getting home.
  4. She knows how to divert of crying child
  5. She comes up with fun, new, daily activities for Chase.
  6. Kristina always makes sure Chase is safe
  7. She is teaching Chase to say, “I love you!”
  8. **My house is cleaner when she leaves**
  9. I never asked Kristina to do family laundry, just Chase’s.  During the first two weeks on the job she was doing the whole family’s laundry. I was SO thankful and told her she didn’t have to. Kristina said, “since Chase naps 2-3 hours a day, she has down time and actually enjoys doing laundry.”
  10. She lets me know when we are running low on supplies (diapers, milk, etc.)

I can’t just stop at 10… here are a few more reasons I love my nanny:

  1. She sends pictures and/or videos of Chase throughout the day. Not every day, but when she sees something worth taking.
  2. She sticks to Chase’s schedule and suggests when it may be time to alter it.
  3. She gives great feedback. For example: Time to ditch the bottle, or time for potty training.
  4. She goes with the flow.
  5. She happily grocery shops and runs errands.
  6. Kristina is creative.
  7. She’s silly.
  8. She takes initiative and is always one step ahead.
  9. Kristina prepares well balanced meals for Chase.
  10. I leave for work, with the confidence, and knowledge that my son will be loved and well cared for all day.

I could go on and on about how much we appreciate, love, and respect Tee-tee. We hope she is a part of Chase’s life and our family forever!

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