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Happy 10th Anniversary to VIP Nannies Inc., Household Staffing

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MX160-500-069A-smlI recently read an article that quoted Steve Jobs in a speech he once gave where he said, “People with Passion Can Change the World.”  As I reflect on the 10-Year Anniversary of VIP Nannies Inc., Household Staffing,  his quote really resonated with me.

Ten years ago I took out a small business loan and started VIP Nanny Agency with a “Passion to provide quality nannies to take care of children.”    Did my family wonder what the heck I was about to embark on? Yes.  Were many friends questioning how I was going to make money? Absolutely.  Was my passion to find quality childcare providers contagious? YES, absolutely!  But as the business has grown and I have matured as a business owner, I realize my passion is so much more.

I’m passionate about connecting people!  I’m passionate about every single person who calls VIP Nannies or walks through the door having the same wonderful, loved, hand-held experience!  I’m passionate about every candidate really following THEIR true passion, desires, and dreams.  God bless every actress, singer, song-writer who “needs a job” but please get out of my office because we are PASSIONATE about finding people who truly LOVE working with children and who want to raise the next generation of leaders in our country.  Is that a big statement?  Yes.  Is it my passion? You guessed it.  It’s completely o.k to want a job or need a job but when you combine the desire with true passion- the money will come.

It has been a privledege, an honor, and a Joy serving thousands of VIP families throughout the world for the past 10 years and here’s a toast to 10 more plus!





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