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Hello TINE App!

Posted by | March 06, 2015 | Blog, Creative Ideas! | No Comments

We just came across this fun new app called TINE  we thought you should know about!

You can add video and audio and pictures to physical things.

TINE (pronounced “tiny”) is the new way to share experiences by recording audio or video onto interactive stickers called TINE Tags. Stick a TINE Tag where you want it, scan it with the TINE app, record your message and save. Anyone scanning the TINE Tag with the TINE app will instantly hear or see the message and you’ll be notified each time your TINE Tag is scanned.

So, for example, you could record your little one laughing and telling a story and then attach it to a TINE tag and stick the tag in their photo album. And whenever you go through the album you could use your phone and hear your little one laughing!

OR, have you or the grandparents record themselves reading a book (the tag records up to 15 minutes) and when you are out at work or out, you it would be as if you are reading to your little one while you are out.

We have been using it with our kids and wanted to share with you mommies too!



Visit www.tinetag.com for more creative ideas.

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