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Interview Questions for Nannies

Posted by | March 10, 2017 | Blog | No Comments

INSIDER shared a great article listing quality questions that parents should be asking when interviewing nannies. The author of the article is a seasoned nanny, who goes in depth about why these 10 questions are helpful for any family.

1. What was your favorite memory with your last family/child?
2. If there was one skill/lesson you could teach our kid, what would it be?
3. Have you ever worked with a family that uses a parenting style you don’t agree with? How did you/would you dealt with it?
4. How would you make homework, meal time, bath time exciting or easier for a child who doesn’t like it?
5. How do you like to balance work and life?
6. What does being a nanny mean to you?
7. Are you comfortable working while I am (or the other parent is) around?
8. What long-term and short-term plans do you have?
9. How do you really feel about doing [this much] housework?
10. Make sure that you ask them to do a trial run.

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