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Modern Parent’s Dilemma

Posted by | May 12, 2014 | Blog | No Comments

Sprint has introduced a “WEgo” cell phone  focused on 5-12 year old children.   In a day and age where technology is everywhere I am not too sure why we  need to market cell phones to a 5 year old?  The verdict is out over here at the VIP Headquarters.

I am slightly confused and must confess I do not have children of my own, however have spent most of my adult life taking care of others children as a nanny or teacher. When I first saw this broadcasted across the screen I was sitting with my sister who has three children and she felt almost the same as I did.ZTE WeGo Kids Phone vertical left angle pvla white

The “WeGo,” isn’t  your every day phone. It doesn’t have a dial pad and parents can control every aspect of the phone online.  You  can also track the device using GPS. The phone  allows parents to choose up to 20 numbers that the child can contact and allows children to place calls or send text messages to only those numbers. In addition there are a number of limitations on the phone that includes silencing it during school hours and get this…….. parents will be notified when the phone begins traveling over a certain speed as a safety feature.

Sprint is selling the phone for $120 with monthly service of $9.99 for 1,000 voice minutes and 1,000 text messages per month.

I personally don’t feel that children should have cell phones however I also grew up in a tiny community in upstate NY where there were about 7,000 people and you knew everyone. In fact I am pretty sure I still know everyone that lives there! My thoughts? Why get children exposed and use to something that is inevitable, it can wait!

The average age a child in the US gets a cell phone reported by Sprint is 12……….I say let kids be kids! There is time to get children connected and hooked! Most 5 year old children can use ipads and telephones better then most adults, it’s kind of scary.


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Written by: Kate Granchelli, VIP Nannies Inc., Household Staffing



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