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Nanny Interview Series: Chatting with our #notjustananny, Anet

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IMG_8870– Anet –

Tell us a little bit about how you decided to become a nanny?

I decided to become a nanny while I was studying child development in college. I found that growth and development of a child was an interesting and multifaceted area to witness in a child. I also found that I had a natural ability to connect with children through play.

What experiences best prepared you for this career?

My experiences in working with children in a clinical setting as well as my travels abroad have been a great advantage in learning to work with diverse children and families. In addition, my educational background has provided the foundation to understand developmental milestones of children, and value the family dynamics of each home.

 What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is using my personal judgment to determine whether or not to engage with a child when the child’s parents are present. I believe that it is important for the children to bond and engage with their parents when possible, though it can be challenging to determine when to take charge and when to stay on the sidelines.

 How would you define success in your current position?

Success for me, is seen when the home is able to carry about efficiently and members in the family enjoy their time together. When the children are given appropriate attention in all areas of development and given an abundance of love, in turn the adults in the home are given an advantage to continue that well- addition, when the parents of the household are flexible and appreciative of my time and efforts it makes it worth the long days.

How would you explain to a parent that you are “Not Just a Nanny”?

  •  What are some of your best qualities that make you a great nanny and how does that explain you are “Not Just a Nanny”?

I’m not just a nanny because I believe that as a nanny, your responsibility is to the HOME! Anything that you can do to make the home a more fluid and happy place, should happen without mention. A family always has ongoing changes and challenges, so the duties of a nanny should be flexible to mold around those changes. There are days when you need to be a support system for parents, and days where you take out the trash, or other days that you are a family photographer. It is a privilege to be part of a home, and that role is ever-changing to fit the needs of that time.

  • Give us an example of when you feel you went the extra mile for a family/child(ren)?

One incident that stands out for me, is when I was watching a 4 yr old swimming in the pool with his father. Though I could have taken a break during that time, I choose instead to stay nearby to take pictures and cheer on the little swimmer. In a split second, while father got distracted with a call, the child fell into the water and began struggling. Without a question of a doubt, I jumped in fully clothed, and helped him out of the water. Being attentive and observant are characteristics of going the extra mile, it being for small or large acts.

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