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Nanny Interview Series: Chatting with our #notjustananny, Leslie

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– Leslie –

Tell us a little bit about how you decided to become a nanny?

When I was a little girl, all I dreamed about was caring for children in many forms as babysitter, auntie, mom and nanny. As time went on and my dreams unfolded into a beautiful story of caring for children I educated myself through many certifications, college psychology classes, early childhood education and many years of experience.

What experiences best prepared you for this career?

I see children and families as a meaningful and expressive masterpiece of mankind. I take it above and beyond to support families to thrive and become all that they desire to be.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The challenges that present themselves are opportunities for personal growth. The most challenging part of my job is to find balance between work, self-care and family.

How would you define success in your current position?

In my current position success is defined when the children and parents are thriving forward with all they desire and want as a family.

How would you explain to a parent that you are “Not Just a Nanny”?

  •  What are some of your best qualities that make you a great nanny and how does that explain you are “Not Just a Nanny”?

Some of my best qualities are also my weaknesses. I see children as amazing negotiators, problem solvers and an added person to the family as a whole. I like to give children choices among the adult decision. I like to help children achieve a strong voice with utmost respect for individuals.

  • Give us an example of when you feel you went the extra mile for a family/child(ren)?

When I’ve finished a position I help with a smooth transition with the family and the new nanny. I’ve helped in training the new nanny with the same caring style and consistency that fits the individual family.

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