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National Nanny Recognition Week: Show Your Nanny You Care

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September 23rd is the start of National Nanny Recognition Week 2018! NNRW is the 4th week of September each year and, as of this year, has been around for 20 years. It was started by industry leaders and nannies to acknowledge, support, and bring awareness to the importance and value that a nanny contributes to his or her community.

This week is all about giving back to your nanny, so show them you appreciate them! There are endless ways to show your support and appreciation, but we’ve given you a head start with a list of gifts or gestures any nanny would love!


1) Give them a memento

Frame a photo of your nanny with your children and have your children sign the year on the back of the frame. Nannies are a huge part of a child’s life, and vice versa, so why not give your nanny something to remember your children by!


2) Let the children tell them

Kids really do say the darnedest things! Have your children write a memorable note for them or draw a picture of them with their nanny.


3) Pamper them
Your nanny works really hard! Give them a little relaxation on their day off with a massage or manicure gift card.


4) Caffeinate them
We all have those crazy days when we could use a caffeinated afternoon pick-me-up. Give your nanny a gift card for their favorite coffeeshop so she can pick one up while running errands.


5) Promote their healthy lifestyle
Chances are your nanny wants to stay fit to keep up with the energy of little ones. If your nanny already has a gym, pay for a month of their membership or a yoga class. Or if they want a membership but don’t have one – sign them up!



6) Be sure they’re well-connected
In 2018, it’s no secret that it’s important to stay connected electronically. Help your nanny stay connected and find the best, newest places to take your little ones by giving them a new smart device.


What’s your favorite way to show your nanny you care?

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