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Not Just a Nanny

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"Not Just a Nanny" LogoFor over 10-years, VIP Nannies and Household Staffing has found over 200 jobs for childcare providers every year. Every day, we are registering women (and men) who have a passion for the positive growth and development of children. These applicants, who have chosen a career as a nanny, newborn care specialist, or a house manager, are the backbone to families all over the world. Unfortunately, they don’t get recognized because they are household staff, rather than being employed in a high-rise building in downtown LA or the like.

I fight for exceptional salaries for the women (and men) I represent. Often times the salaries are double to triple minimum wage.  Just because these women do not sit behind a desk, or wear a suite and heals to work, does not mean they are not active, contributing members of society. They are RAISING our next generation of leaders. This is solely why we are so selective on who we (VIP Nannies Inc.) represenst. Women of all races, ethnicities and nationalities come to us to further their career. We have college educated teachers with Masters degrees, and many women who have made it their lifelong goal to be in the private-service industry.

Next time you think “she’s just a nanny” or “she’s just a babysitter”, think about who is helping take care of that Oscar winning actress’s children, while she shoots her movie in Atlanta, or that amazing Emmy winning actress who is shooting her TV show in Canada that requires a 14 plus hour work-day. If that VP of a major entertainment studio is working 12-hour days with back-to-back meetings, who is taking her children to school, picking them up, helping with dinner, and their homework? All of this so that when they grow up, they can go to an amazing college and become the next rising star in their industry.  A nanny is the heart and soul of children’s lives when moms & dads are busy making a difference in the world.

We need to stop marginalizing our teachers, or childcare providers, and call attention to the impact these women (and men) are making in the lives of our children.  In our industry the are not “just” a nanny, they are so much more!

~Rebecca Stewart


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