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Social Media Bites!

Posted by | February 19, 2014 | Blog | No Comments

Social media is here to stay!  It is defiantly unavoidable, “the wave of the future”, and sometimes in the nanny world …..a big job buster! Now we aren’t just referring to Facebook which VIP Nannies and other agencies use as a tool to get the word out about jobs and industry news, but throw in Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube and all those apps we download on our smart phone and what do they all have in  common, DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS!

On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or ” footprints” that people leave online. (wikipedia)

OK, so how does this affect your nanny career? Well, in the  day and age where our society makes it socially acceptable to document every move you make with pictures and status updates we find that in the service industry it straight up can and WILL affect your job placement.  More often not in a good way.

VIP Nannies Inc. FACT: most, if not all of our high profiles families prefer to hire someone to work in their home that has little to zero digital footprint.  Very rarely have we come across a client who feels that it is okay to have their nanny’s life displayed for all the world to see.  Even though you think that profile is private or your tweets are only going to your friends, think again!  In addition there are some cases where is just isn’t safe, people can exploit you and worse, steal your identity.

5 quick and easy  tips to protect your digital footprint:

  1. Limit the amount of apps and sites that have access to the personal information kept on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Make those apps private:  RIGHT NOW!  There are loads of sites that have specific directions to make your information so private that hackers would have a hard time getting into it if they wanted.
  3. DO NOT and I repeat do not hashtag anything. #Hashtaging is here to stay and I mean that literally.  A hashtag on a post can send unwanted eyes to your profile, tweet or picture.  I know it’s fun, but could affect your paycheck.
  4. Change your name.  I know this sounds funny however many organizations encourage their employees to use  unsearchable names when signing up for social media websites.  For example teachers.
  5. Best way to avoid the problem DON’T POST.  I know it’s hard to resist but as a childcare provider or a private staffing professional, key words need to ring true in your mind when using social media and pressing send: “confidentiality, discretion, privacy”

We aren’t saying don’t use social media, however we are encouraging you to think twice and use common sense when posting.  If we can find so can a potential employer!


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Written by: K. Granchelli

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