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What is My Nanny Doing During the Day?

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On a weekly basis inquisitive parents ask, “What are typical nanny duties?”Nannies sometimes ask “What is appropriate for a family to ask me to do in terms of duties and what isn’t?”

This is a re-post to a blog that we posted a while back, however we feel like it is important to touch upon the role of the modern nanny.

The answer, “ANYTHING that has to do with your child.”
Here is an extended list of responsibilities nannies can take on (but not limited to):
  • – Preparing meals
  • – Laundry for children
  • – Researching the best schools, classes, sports activities to attend
  • – Purchase and read age-appropriate books
  • – Schedule play-dates
  • – Drive to school, activities, and doctors appointments
  • – Grocery shop (if time permits)
  • – Make sure child’s supplies are fully stocked (i.e. diapers, wipes, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  • – As the child grows, clothes fit and those that don’t are donated and/or given away
  • – Create a weekly schedule (with parents approval)
  • – Help with homework
  • – Stay current on event happening in your city that are kid friendly (concerts, events, museums, new classes, etc)
  • – Be a positive role model in character, personal hygiene, and presentation
  • – COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE. Have conversations daily with parents about the child’s day (milestones, moods, behaviors, preferences, etc.)
  • – Keep a “To Do” list of tasks, goals, activities, and schedules
  • – Keeping a Food Journal -likes and dislikes- This helps so the same foods are not repeated.
Honestly we find the more open communication you have with your staff, the better the relationship is all around!
Don’t be afraid to talk it out!
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